Our virtual support group, utilizing Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and an ecosystemic approach, is designed to support motor vehicle accident survivors in dealing with the aftermath of their experiences. With Janis's co-facilitation, the group will gain deeper insights into the legal aspects of their claims, enhancing their ability to self-advocate and navigate the insurance system effectively.

By participating in this group, members will have the opportunity to:

Facilitator 1: Jaden Bailey

Jaden, an Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers-accredited professional, blends her expertise in Psychology and Social Work to guide individuals recovering from motor vehicle accidents. With her authorization to direct bill through auto insurance, she brings a focused approach to supporting clients navigating the complexities of traumatic experiences, including brain injuries and PTSD.

Recognizing the shared challenges and isolation experienced by her MVA clients, Jaden initiated this support group to facilitate connection and mutual support. Her approach integrates her extensive knowledge and experience in mental health, aiming to empower group members through shared experiences, fostering resilience, and enhancing emotional well-being in a community setting.


Janis, with over two decades of experience as a Personal Injury Law Clerk, will be co-facilitating our support group sessions at Invicta Works. Her extensive background in advocating for individuals seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents provides a unique and invaluable perspective to our group. Janis's expertise in Ontario Insurance Legislation, particularly the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABs), enhances our ability to guide group members through the complexities of the insurance claims process while ensuring they access necessary treatments, services, and care.

In her role as a Case Manager Assistant at Invicta Works, Janis leverages her knowledge to empower our clients, helping them navigate their recovery journey with a better understanding of their legal rights and the claims process.