Invicta is a Latin word meaning undefeated or unconquered.

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About Us

At Invicta Works, we recognize that facing life's challenges can be tough and sometimes feels too much to handle alone. Our mission is to offer understanding and expert support to people in Ontario and the Northwestern Territories in Canada who are on a journey of recovery from injuries, illnesses, accidents, or traumatic experiences. This includes those dealing with anxiety, depression, and neurodivergence.

Whether you're looking for counselling, psychotherapy, case management, hands-on help, or someone to stand up for you, our team of skilled social workers and healthcare professionals is here to walk with you every step of the way. We're dedicated to helping you build the strength you need to deal with complex systems, avoid further trauma, and find your path to healing.

Jaden Bailey

Social Worker & 

Case Manager

Ali Raza Hasan Ali

Social Worker

Ting Jiang

Social Worker

Aerilyn Medina

Rehabilitation Assistant

Kristen Daigle

Rehabilitation Assistant

Janis Robinson

Case Manager Assistant


Have you been injured in a car accident?

All Invicta Works practitioners provide direct billing to HCAI for motor vehicle accident insurance claimants.